While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday Ramblings ....

So I kind of REALLY like to RAMBLE about things that I find DUMB, DORKY, or sometimes USEFUL AND FASCINATING.

THROW BLANKETS --- the kind you have around in the cooler months to cover up with in the living room/family room (because we only have one room so it's a combined purposed room). I always use to cart the blankets away out of the room because they just looked tacky in the living room before. Until I discovered that my friend Esther actually had some in her family room, but the difference was --- she had hers in a wicker basket. A cute little storage place to keep them when not in use, and then they stay right there in the room, for all to enjoy. I just need to get a basket now, and pull out all the throw blankets so we have them for that purpose.

Clean LIVING ROOMS --- - Okay confession my living room is actually CLEAN right now. With exceptions of a few piles of Christmas Cards and other papers around the desk it looks pretty darn good in here. It hasn't been like this since SEPTEMBER!!! I've always got some box full of who knows what, and piles of JUNK, that seem to assemble themselves in a big heap on all flat surfaces in this room, and then when the little monster wants to sit somewhere he dumps whatever might be in that spot and pushes or dumps it to the floor. So then we have JUNK all over the floor. Well NOT ANYMORE!!! I'm putting my foot down, and I'm going to be ANAL about this living room. I'm no longer going to place loads of laundry in here to be folded if they won't be done within 15 minutes of being put into this room. Good rule of them for me because I'm bad, oh man, I've already broken the rule, and they are my clothes!!! Better go put them away right now.

Holiday Goodies --- YUMMY!!! Fudge is my favorite, followed by all things peanut butter!!! Heck even my fudge is made with the peanut butter and chocolate swirled chips. Maybe I should be asking for the Wii Fit for Christmas. I just can't say NO to anything that soothes that craving of mine. I know it's probably not the best thing for me, but hey, all things in moderation right??? If I hardly eat them during the rest of the year, around Christmas isn't going to kill me off too soon.

DrAfTy OLD houses: That's what mine is!!! It was originally built in 1893 and then updated in 1954. When we bought our house back in 2001, we didn't realize that our house was that old until we were in to sign the papers at our closing. But that didn't deter us from still buying. But with age also come PROBLEMS and ISSUES. The main ones being Plumbing, and Electrical!! And the DRAFTiNESS of this place. But we're hoping in a few more years that we'll be able to do an upgrade on this house, and add some bedrooms and at least another bathroom if not two more. At the same time we'll have our Kitchen redone as well. Then I'll hope that I have a nice dining table and chairs and have a more updated look to this house. It does have character!! Even if those are considered to be it's flaws. We have the CREEKY floorboards, that I swear are going to bust through one of these days. Hopefully not, but who knows?? ? This is a picture from last year, but typical of what the front yard looks like during the day in the summer months. The wicker furniture isn'ton the porch anymore but this is what the outside looks like.

At least I'm confident in knowing that it's a house we can afford and it's a humble dwelling and it's what my kids have called home for the last 7 1/2 years. It'll be 8 years in March!! The yard is pretty bad, but I think it was early spring still, and the grass was having issues. And living where I live right now is such a blessing because I have my own "Lawn Care" person living right next door, and he mows the front yard, waters all my flowers during the summer, and he fertilizes the lawn, and when he's really ambitious he even edges the sidewalks. He always does the driveway because we share it, but he is an awesome man, that just wants to do good for others. My kids adore him, and have brought to him a sense of family. Which brings me to my last point.

Date Nights: I realize that the special ALONE time with just the two of us is so NEEDED!!! To keep our relationship STRONG and IMMOVABLE!!! We've managed to have a date of some kind for the last two weeks and we'll go again later tonight (Friday the 12th of Dec) My neighbor and lawn guy, is going to hang out with my kids for a few hours and watch movies with them and have a pizza party. While DH and I go Christmas Shopping for our kids. We still need a game plan and we don't have one yet. Better start getting ideas ... oh man where did I put those Christmas lists at???

This was from our Anniversary this last June!!! Our 10 year mark. That was def. a DATE!!! It was an overnighter without KIDS!!! YIPPEEE!!! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa!!! I can start to see a light at the end of our tunnel on how often we can get away without kids all the time. Part of the time is GREAT to be with them, but we still need ALONE TIME!!!


  1. I really enjoyed your ramblings. I can probably say the same thing about the piles that accumulate on any flat surface.

    I like your old house with character. My friend's house is like that. Her husband wants to move to a brand-new house, but she likes the character and history of her home and the fact that they've made it their own.

    My problem with holiday goodies (all right, ANY goodies) is that I can never eat just one.



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