While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy times in the snow.

I wish I had my camera with me today, because I couldn't believe it when I saw a few different kids with scooters in the SNOW!!! Like seriously do these people think they'll get much use out of their scooter, like is it really going to get them home that much faster. Or is it just some kind of habit that they just walked out of the house and grabbed it on the way. I mean, come on, it's like trying to push a shopping cart or a stroller through the slushy gross snow, and do we think it's that easy. I DON'T !!!

It's times like this when I wonder if this problem is the parents for not allowing it, or the child was just not listening in the first place. I kind of wanted to LAUGH, when I saw this kid while waiting to pick mine up from school, and he was wearing a backpack with his coat but was also PUSHING this scooter through the snow. I wonder how much longer it took him to get home that normal.

Oh wait, I get it, that was his workout for the day, so when he got home his parents wouldn't make him exercise/workout, and he could go straight for the video games.

All I know is... once it snows and there is snow and/or ice the bikes are put away, and the scooters, and they don't come out again, until the weather is good, like in the 60's again.

But along with odd scenes like that one, I also witnessed one girl lagging way behind the group she was "walking" with. The reason why, I guess she can't eat a snowball while walking. She was clearly holding a big lump of snow in her gloved hands and was taking big licks, or bites or something. Which is a common thing among children, heck when it's actually snowing my kids are always trying to catch the snowflakes in their mouths. I even have one daughter that used to go up to parked cars and lick the snow that sits on the car. What do you do?? Well, I'm grateful it wasn't yellow!!

And with the nice snowfall that we've received this last few days, it really is starting to feel like Christmastime. I've always wanted a "WHITE" Christmas ever since I was a kid, and to me a white Christmas is where you wake up to a fresh fallen layer of SNOW on Christmas Day. I've experienced that once in my life so far. I still wake up first thing and run to the window and check to see if I got my WHITE CHRISTMAS. When I grew up -- we never had a white Christmas. Heck you would get outside types of toys and actually be able to go outside and play with them, it'd be so warm still. So I guess there are pros and cons to each situation. But as long as I have my family with me, I'm sure it'll be great no matter what the conditions are.

Some other weird snow stories: well, my favorite memory is from when I was dating my husband, and he picked me up over his shoulder walked to the side of the yard we were at, and laid me down in the SNOW!!! How uncool is that. Well, actually it was quite COOL. But to make matters worse a roommate came over and rubbed snow in my face, and then I think a few others might have joined in.

I remember being in college my second year, and the street that I lived in was quite the hangout for our ward members, because the road would be so slick that they managed to start running in a path that would be so slick and they would slide for the length of a few house. I never actually did this, but it was sure entertaining to WATCH from inside my house I lived in. They even got so bold as to try some tricks, like human bowling, and then running and sliding on their butts, instead of staying on their feet. Sliding down and then jumping over someone laying in the way. IT WAS CRAZY!!!

I also had a roommate get asked out using the SNOW!!! It was crazy. Because I remember walking home from a class to my apartment in the Dorm and saw this red stuff in the snow. But not until I got upstairs did I realize what it said. Of course, it was asking her out.

But my all time favorite part about the snow is drinking the HOT CHOCOLATE afterwards.
And my all time LEAST FAVORITE part of the SNOW. DRIVING IN IT!!! I didn't really learn to drive in the snow until I moved to Provo. So I was already married with a few kids basically, and only left my house when I really had too!! But after having to drive kids to school, I've had to overcome my fear of driving in the snow. But it still makes my heart POUND when I start sliding, and am never sure if I'll stop without hitting something. YIKES!!!

But of course, I can't forget about making SNOW MEN with the kids, or sledding. Both of which my kids really enjoy. We have yet to go and do those things this winter, but I'm sure the time, and the right kind of snow will happen, eventually. And with the right kind of players, snowball fights are pretty fun too. But clearing off the car isn't !! So it isn't fair that I have to park in the weather, and my husband parks in the garage. He doesn't even get up earlier to go clean off my car so I don't have to. I mean come on, I have five kids I need to get in the car and then drive across town to drop the ones off at school. What am I to ever do??? Well at least, he helped a little when he bought me my new Ice SCRAPER!! This is like deluxe and is kind of an early Christmas present. It has an extension handle on it, a squeegee so I can get the window clean, and an angled head so I can easily clean off the top of the van with a little more ease. So I just might be okay this winter.

What are some of your favorite Snow MEMORIES ???

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