While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Night Time TUG OF WARS!!!

Am I the only one who has an ISSUE with how the DH sleeps with the blankets and such???

I go to bed every evening and always have the sheets and blankets on the right way and placed on the bed with the right amounts of material on each side of the bed. Mind you I have a King Sized Bed!!! -- SO IT'S BIG!!!

I usually end up getting up at least 2 - 3 times a night to tend to one or more of my children who haven't LEARNED to sleep all night, or need MY help to go POTTY in the middle of the night (more than once!!) So I get out of bed and angle my blankets to stay on my side of the bed, but as soon as I leave he's liked magnetized to my side and the half of the blankets that are for me. He must really know, and pretends that he doesn't, because all of the sudden I come back to get into the bed, and my sheets are tucked under his body and then I have to pry them from under him, which is no EASY task ( so I'm basically playing tug of war with his butt & legs). And then he migrates so that I'm left with only a foot of sleeping space on our KING SIZED BED!!!

We've been in the same bed together for over 10 years now, and I can't even imagine how we did it on the double beds that we had when we rented our first two apartments. AAGGHH!!! Of course, he claims I'm the one with the problem because I don't konw how to sleep with blankets, but the sweet guy just can't seem to roll over in his sleep and not get the sheets tucked and mummified around him. I on the other hand know when I'm rolling over and have always made sure that I don't get tangled in the sheets while I sleep. (Because that would reke havoc on my bladder if I really needed to go in the night and couldn't get out of bed fast enough)

He also ends up kicking off the covers and then I freeze during the night because they've been kicked off from me as well. The reason I know it's him??? Well the comforter is still somewhat by my feet on my side while his have completely fallen to the floor. Sometimes during the winter it's gotten so bad that we just each have our own blankets and even that ends up funny !!! He'll start taking mine from me and I have another tug of war with a sleeping man. (Or at least he appears to be asleep)

And I really like the fact that he snoozes his alarm because then I realize that I only have a few minutes before he gets out of bed, so I take it as my que to snuggle close and get back the lost body heat because of missing blankets. This is just one of those things that will probably be the same for the rest of our lives and something that we'll always be able to laugh about and make jokes about, but one of the things that I can't do anything to change. I guess I can say I'm glad that I have to play TUG OF WAR at night and know that he is there rather than not having him there for whatever reason. So to that DH I want to say I LOVE YOU and thanks for all the fun we've had.

He was such a sport for Halloween and this is how we dressed. Yes you guessed it if you thought MIB. And we were never here. **


  1. Ok that was soo funny to read! I think we all have some sort of weird sleeping problem with our significant others! I have alot! For one..he has to be like right on top of me when we sleep..drives me crazy becuase I like to breathe at night. Another thing is he likes to walk, talk, rip my covers off, jump out of bed, thinks he sees things in his sleep etc. I have learned to live with these weird things and just laugh. THe blanket thing would definitely bug me.

  2. Well, if you've already tried having your own blanket, better wear really warm pajamas!

  3. Amy R -- yes, my husband thinks he has to be right on top of me also and I'm with you when I say I want to BREATHE!!! But I guess we just deal with it and love them anyway!!


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