While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Peaches :

Well, frankly my dear, I'm getting quite sick of them. Although I've been able to bottle 48 quarts of sliced peaches and lots of JAM!!! I made 5 pints of Peach-Raspberry Fruit Spread (aka Jam -- but I don't like chunks of slimey fruit that tastes Yucky, in my jam so I make it without the chunks.) I also made 7 pints of Peach-Strawberry Jam plus I just made 5 pints of plain Peach jam, and hopefully tonight I'll make some more and use up all those darn peaches. I wonder if I should read "James and the Giant Peach" -- to my kids especially. It's been a long time since I have read it.


In my song track right now --- I LOVE IT!! Who cares if it's Michael Jackson, this music has a great beat and helps make me feel energized. And I like trying to be festive. Have you ever seen the video for this? Maybe I'll have to find one and put a link here. I LOVE the dance scene. I've always loved dancing, just not good at it myself. Which I wish I were, I can be a total amatuer and totally entertain my kids, but that's about it.


I love to watch this stuff being poured into a "container" of some kind, the way it is in "slow" motion almost and twirls and falls and then fills the container nice and smooth. hmmm wonder if I can make some kind of analogy related to our experience in life and honey being poured into a container. Maybe if I wasn't so tired I might be able to do it. But the stuff is so sweet!!

Home Party's

Well I'm making a mental note not to do anymore in my home parties for PC, or CTMH anymore because I don't do well making the party count as a party. Guess I don't know the right kind of people that are really able to buy it, but instead I'm going to do a holiday cookie/candy exchange party for some of my close friends. So that we can still get "together" but not have that kind of pressure on me. Between my sister in law and me we're going to each host one at our house's and then invite some of our friends to join with us. Because let's face it, holidays and treats kind of go together and we're all busy (or at least we try to make people think we're BUSY) but how nice would it be to make enough of one kind of cookie and then have each member bring a dozen for every other member than you get all kinds in half the time. BRILLIANT I SAY!!! Especially since I love it, the eating of it, of course.

KIERA H. ---

What a wonderful person she is. She inspires me, and encourages. And I just hope she knows how much she's loved, by everyone around here. She has the cutest family, and has such a great talent with photography. Today is her birthday and I don't ever want to forget her EVER!! She's too FUN!!! She gave a great talk in Sacrament a few weeks ago which was great. She has such a LOVE of LIFE AND FAMILY, and FRIENDS!!! She isn't afraid to let others no her opinion, and she works hard for her family. She is a strong person -- she has no idea the ripple effect that she will have on all that come in contact with her. And I feel deeply blessed to have crossed her path in this life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!!! Have a good one. You are a great friend!!



  1. Oh my gosh Wendy!! I came here to thank you for the AMAZING jam and your signature rolls. They are my FAVORITE and I love that you know that about me! : )
    I didn't expect such a beautiful tribute. Wendy, I am tearing up! Thank you so much for being my friend. You are such a amazing woman. I'm so glad to have you as my friend too!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have one brand new box of parchment paper. Like it or not I will spend the $ now to save myself the headache and panic of trying to pry these sweetcakse from the pan, hoping they wont fall apart. That wax paper thing really bugged me. I had to throw the entire batch of sweetcakes in the trash. I waved goodbye at my money as it fell to the bottom *L* I see that you're a canner! I would love to try it to do some chutney but I'm scared. I don't have a pressure cooker either. I hear I can do it in boiling water only because it's got vinegar but still it scares me.


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