While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Talk about listening to the promptings you get. I've been looking for regular twin size mattresses that are CHEAP!! for the boys to sleep on. Granted I know that they might not be in great condition but hey, I can always buy the mattress covers and then it's not a big deal. So I was in the process of cleaning out Thomas and Ethan's bedroom of all the "CLOTHES" and "CRAP" that has seemed to "COLLECT" in there and while sorting some of the dirty clothes so that I could get them washed, the thought popped into my head to go and check craigslist for mattresses. So I instantly got up and checked and found an entry that said that they had a single size bed for $15.00 so I emailed the person and asked if they still had it and if so I was intereseted and .....

well I found one even better. They had more than one twin mattress and they were selling them for only $10.00 a piece. I called the number and a lady answered the phone and well we can come by tonight and get them. So now I'll be able to go and buy some "boy" types of sheets and be able to really start making the room look like it belongs to a couple of boys !!! I'm so excited. Because now we can actually use the bunk bed how it was intended to be used. I'll have to have DH check to see if all the bolts are tight enough for the upper level. But I'm excited!! I love when things just "WORK" out. And I know that it wasn't 'PURE LUCK' . These kind of moments really make me HAPPY!!


On a side note:

Anyone who reads this is probably going to think I'm such a terrible MOM, or on the other extreme completly die laughing. WHY?? ?

Well I've had a lot of trouble getting BABY BOY to go to sleep lately, and I've exhausted every possible avenue of tricks to get him to sleep. Many of which probably --BREAK THE RULES OF GETTING YOUR KID TO SLEEP -- but guess what I don't care!! I tried rocking him, and that worked a few nights, then all of a sudden it didn't work anymore, the child just cried, and screamed and was basically fighting me. Then I tried rubbing his back which also worked a few nights -- I think BABY BOY finally caught on to what I was doing and, of course, it didn't last very long. He was kicking, and screaming -- NO SERIOUSLY HE WAS!!! I even got hit a few times because this kid got MAD!! So I've had such a difficult time when bedtime comes around, I can't just put him in the room and close the doors because T-Man is in the room too, so I can't let Baby Boy just cry and disturb his brother. Although, I guess I could try and put him in there sooner but I kind of tried that once and he just cried and screamed for nearly an hour before I "Gave UP" and took him out. So after about dealing with this craziness especially since the crib came down, I've resorted to going on a car drive -- but I don't like to do that. I know he needs to get used to sleeping in his bed and falling asleep in there. But seriously, I'm going INSANE!! So ....

Bet your wondering what I did that is working STILL!!

I take him out to the van buckle him into his seat and give him his bottle and then I sit in the front of the car and READ while he falls to sleep -- I stay in there long enough (about 45 minutes) for him to get good and asleep and then carry him in and lay him on the toddler bed (which is a crib mattress) and he always wakes up at night and doesn't like it. So I lay him down on the living room floor and he sleeps the rest of the night. I've actually kind of enjoyed the time in the car. I have mostly peace and quiet but I also get to READ!! YEAH!! I'm addicted to reading lately and find every spare moment I can to read.

But at least I'm staying somewhat more level headed and not going crazy because he's throwing a fit and I can't seem to interpret or decipher what the heck is wrong with him or why he's acting in such a way. It can be rather FRUSTRATING at times. So I do have to say that every kid has been slightly different than the rest, but once I can figure out what makes them tick -- it gets a little easier. Okay well sometimes I get lucky and it's easier. It seriously is a TRIAL and ERROR issue and without the power of prayer I think I'd be a complete NUT. Heck who knows maybe I already am. I just hope that every stage of Baby Boys life isn't this DIFFICULT.

(Shantil -- do you want another one?? Baby Boy will fit in with your boys for sure)


  1. That is SO GREAT that you found cheap mattresses!! Yeah for the Spirit!! =D

    And I understand - you do whatcha gotta do to get those kids to sleep. And you're not wasting gas and you get to read!! Sounds like a win-win to me. And don't worry, he won't ALWAYS have to fall asleep in his carseat. This, too, shall pass. Eventually.

  2. Awesome deal on the mattresses! Did you know that sheet sets are 50% off at Shopko, today only? I was going to head over and get a couple myself; maybe we'll see each other.

    I hope you get more sleep soon!


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