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Thursday, September 18, 2008

OKAY ALREADY, I've jumped on board.

Okay already, I've jumped on board,

Or rather I'm being dragged behind because I'm so SLOW and just started reading these books while everyone now is raving about the most recent book released. Honestly I didn't even know that these books existed until earlier this summer when a big craze seemed to hit almost everyone on one big "tidal wave". I've heard so many mixed reviews about the set of books that I'm reading right now, and I contemplated long and hard on whether or not to read them. Well I've taken the plunge!!! But let me back up first and tell you what I just got through reading. Ever hear of Anita Stansfield??? Well I just recently discovered her stuff this last summer say about June. AND I ABSOLUTELY love the books I've read by her so far, that now I just want to start collecting all of them. She is an LDS author who writes about the "human" struggles and temptations that we all have to face at one time or another, and then she so poetically weaves the romance element into the stories as well or maybe it's the other way around. These books that I have read literally sucked me in and they are a portion of the books on in big family saga. So you have the love story emerge from a heap of "trouble" -- and yes, I have to admit that some of the story was a bit predictable but nothing can compare to the way it put me in touch with some of my inner most feelings. I've read NINE of her books so far. Some are out of print and I hope that someday I can happen upon those at a used book store or something.

Here is the list of the ones I've read so far:

*First Love and Forever

*First Love, Second Chances

*Now and Forever

Gables of Legacy

*Volume I, The Guardian

*Volume II, A Guiding Star

*Volume III, The Silver Linings

*Volume IV, An Eternal Bond

*Volume V, The Miracle

*Volume VI, Full Circle

They are really good reading and left me with feelings of HOPE, LOVE, and Peace and that with the help of my Heavenly Father all things are possible.

Drum roll please.....

I bet your dying to know what books I'm actually reading now. Well I'm about 350 pages into book 1 of a 4 book series, and the movie is coming out later this year.

Any Guesses???

Well if you've already read the TWILIGHT
Series you are way ahead of me. I just started reading these series of books just a few days ago and I do have to admit that the story is very intriguing -- and usually I can relate to the main character in a book, but this one "Bella" I can't quite picture me in her shoes....hm mm... I wonder why??

Anyone thirsty??

I've seriously got to find out about these books before there considered prehistoric. Any good places to really know what books are good, clean and great reading. Because tell you what, I don't finish a book if it doesn't grab my attention within the first couple of chapters. I don't like to "waiste" my time like that. I mean come on, it's not like I have all the time in the world to just do what I want to do. I only have a few minutes here, and maybe a few minutes there, but with five kids and a house that I'm supposed to keep clean but fail miserably every day, I just simply can't force myself to read a book that doesn't hold my attention.

So tell me when you come across a book that you don't like do you finish reading it, or can you just stop right then and there??

And better yet, how do you know what you're reading next??

I know that I've got the next three books picked out, and that doesn't include reading the book for book group this month that I go to. So I'm trying to line up what I'm going to read next now, any ideas???


  1. First of all, FINISH the twilight series. You won't regret it. I did not identify with Bella AT ALL, but these books are so worth it.

    Secondly, I heart Anita Stansfield. Most of her books are at the Provo Library. And most of them are about minor characters from the Michael/Emily story, and she's spun their stories beautifully. Love and grace is probably the next one you should read. Then....I forget the title, but it's about Jannalyn Haynie and Colin Trevor. I think there's two about them.

    Another LDS author I love is Rachel Nunes. Her main story is about a woman in Paris. It's like michael/emily in that there's like 10 books with all the same characters, but the focus is on different ones in each book. Highly recommend those.

    There's been like 3 books that I've started, haven't liked AT ALL, and just not picked up again. Though it was hard to resist. I would just remind myself of how boring it was, or all the language.

  2. You're on goodreads, right? check out what your friends are reading.

    If you liked Harry Potter, you might enjoy the Percy Jackson series. It's a about a boy who discovers he's the son of a Greek god. The first one is The Lightening Thief. I enjoy listening to them while I drive to and from work.

    I really like Shannon Hale, all of her books!
    http://www.squeetus.com/stage/books.html They are more about human drama with a little romance.

    Read The Host by Meyer as well. If you liked the Twilight series, I think you'll like the Host as well.

  3. I haven't read Anita Stansfield but Twilight is NOT TO BE MISSED! Enjoy it and don't stop till you're done!! I doubt you'll be able to even if you wanted to.

  4. I finished the twilight series and like everyone I've talked to LOVED them! They're good, keep going. I'm in need of a good "grab ya" book too. I haven't read the Anita books, but maybe I'll give them a try!


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