While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've been really CRANKY and/or TIRED lately. So I've tried to figure out the reason why:

  • Baby boy doesn't like to sleep at night.

  • Baby boy likes to throw fits left and right.

  • Baby boy is full of "ENERGY" ( I feel for Shantil now!)

  • School is back in session and the girls have to be there by 8:15am

  • School is back in session and the girls come home so that they can do their homework, which I have to make sure they do.

  • School is in session and that requires me to make sure that their READING is done every evening.

  • After being home for just a few short minutes it is then time to "get dinner started" if I haven't had a chance before then to do it. So that it will be ready in time for Chris coming home from work at 5pm.

  • After dinner - I like to try and wash up the dishes but for the last week and half, I haven't been able to get to the dishes (LIKE AT ALL!!) I only wash the dish I need to use if it's dirty. Actually on Sunday at the begining of the week I did have all the dishes washed, but it was short lived due to BABY BOY!!

  • Baby boy doesn't like to sleep, we took down the crib so I can't just leave him in his room and know that he will stay, so it takes major cuddling, rocking, back rubbing, or if I'm completely desperate and have $$ to "WASTE" I'll put him in the car and take him on a car ride to "KNOCK" him out. ( IT WORKED THE LAST TWO NIGHTS!! -- WHO CARES IF GAS IS $$$$$ -- I NEED SOME SANITY!) Of course, I don't resort to it until the last thing and by then it is already 10pm agghhh.

  • The laundry is piled up because I can't keep up with it, or I go on a marathon washing day and then I have to do a marathon folding it and putting it away but because of BABY BOY I don't get too much done while he's awake. EVER!! I try but get interrupted at every turn. So I do take advantage of the few minutes I might get in a day for the top priority things like get a shower/take a bath, get dressed, eat. I fit the rest in as I can.

  • I've had a "hoarse" voice for over 7 weeks now, which I need to be taking some RX for but haven't gotten the medication for it because it too costs $$ I don't want to spend. OR better yet don't have it to spend.
  • I've also been having some major "cramping" that feel really close to the cyst pain I experienced back in February and I don't know whether to go in or not. Because there isn't much they really can do about them. I just know it doesn't feel very good.
  • I have so many things on my agenda and I don't really get any of them accomplished. Because I'M SO TIRED.

So maybe now that I've worked this out a little and both of my boys are asleep on the livingroom floor and I have to pick up my girls from school in a little over an hour and half, maybe now I can go fold some of this MOUNTAIN of LAUNDRY that HAUNTS me WHILE I SLEEP. So after going down this list I'm not sure I can really say WHAT is causing me to feel this way. But I do feel slightly more energetic (NOT A LOT, JUST SLIGHTLY) after typing this. As my husband says, " I'll do it, but I'm doing it grudgingly!" at least for the moment while I'm bitter and in a FOUL mood. Really I'm not going to HURT anyone, I'm just going to get really annoyed if they push my buttons, and yes, I have buttons and my HUSBAND knows every WRONG one to push.


  1. Oh Wendy!! I am sooo sorry!! I will not take down my crib till I absolutely have to. So far Cameron hasnt tried to climb out so it will stay up for my sanity. I hope Ethan starts sleeping better and you get some rest! We are putting our house up for sale in the next week or so, so I have been going crazy trying to get it ready and keep it clean. With all the kids...that is not easy. Good luck with everything!

  2. I feel for you -- laundry and dishes not done are enough to make anyone crabby, then to add on some sleepless nights and the new school year. I hope you get some rest and figure out how to get that peanut back to sleep at night!


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