While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PART 2 ... and counting

... so when I got to college My eyes just about POPPED out of my head because there were guys all over the place. RM here, RM there, "he's Hot" , What about him?, My room mates at college always seemed to ask me " so who's the guy of the week, this week?" I seriously had a lot of crushes in college -- bum deal too, because I didn't seem to be the kind of "GAL" these GUYS - I liked - seem to want to ask out on a date.

So I could have just sat around waiting for them to "NOT ASK" me, or I could go and be proactive and "ASK" them. So I was "dating" a lot of different guys back then.

( SIDE NOTE: which seems kind of sad nowadays that you can't use the word dating and a lot of guys in the same sentence next to each other because you might get one of those not so nice "worldly labels")

But I liked to go and do things, so sometimes we'd go catch a movie, (which aren't good dating ideas), we'd go play ball, heck I think a few times I even went to workout with a few guys, we'd go play air hockey, go bowling, catch a play, go to a fireside..... the list just goes on and on. There were so many activities and things to do, it was HEAVEN for me. I got away from things at home that weren't too good, and I was HAPPY!! So with keeping myself busy I eventually healed my broken heart of "my first love" and I made room for a lot of crushes. I felt hurt and betrayed because of this thing that "inadvertently" happened to me. My roommates helped get me through that time, when memories would come flooding back and I could feel the hurt and ache all over again. Eventually I came to realize that the problem wasn't ME!! It was the GUY!! (Apparently his head wasn't thinking to clearly for a long time). And no matter how much I tried to figure .... " if I had only done this instead, or.... " well we all go through the "what ifs" and that just makes it worse. I realized once again that I knew I was SPECIAL and that I had great things to do with my life. So feeling the spirit that exists at Ricks College helped me overcome this difficult experience.

Life was going pretty good until it seemed that I had room-mates that seemed to all have a connection with other people (mainly of the male species) and these guys seemed to be returning the attention to my friends. SO I started feeling a little SAD once again. I did however meet a guy through one of my room-mates and he lived in the area (sort of -- about 1/2 hour away). And I thought that he was fun, not to bad looking and seemed to possess a great personality. I was later asked by my room-mates who is friends with him, what I thought about him. Well, he did seem to pay attention to me that evening so I started thinking that maybe I liked him enough to pursue something there .... but Oh, I don't know. So there was a dance coming up and all of my friends seemed to have had a date for the occasion but I was not going with anyone yet, and I really wanted to go..... So one time I came home from dinner at the cafeteria and walked in to my apartment and saw a sign on my door that said, "You'll go to homecoming when PIGS fly!" -- I was so offended and thought that was such a cruel thing to do -- I was ready to just go in my room and just CRY!! "EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN" --- I went to my bedroom door and opened it up and to my surprise above my bed .... were a bunch of pink paper shaped like a pig hanging by string coming from the ceiling. I about died laughing when I understood what was going on. On the pigs I was basically asked to go to Homecoming with this guy that was my roommates friend. And then there was a Pink Panther (DOLL something or other) laying on my pillow with a yellow rose with it. "AW" How Sweet !! It made my heart melt. So apparently after talking with my friend she said that the guy thought I was really cute, and was hoping to get to know me better but didn't want to try anything until he knew what I was feeling about him. So I gave him a chance and he gave me a chance. So that began a dating time frame for about ..... ( well gosh, now I need to go and look in my journal to find out) .... more next time. ....

( I LOVE TELLING THESE STORIES AGAIN, I don't even know if I've written about them in my journal back then.. and now my kids can see what I did and maybe know I'm not such a WIERDO anyway .. or maybe it'll just prove that I am. We'll SEE!! )


  1. Wendy!!! I totally remember all this!! Love it!! Keep going....!!!

  2. I'm dying to know....is it Chris?! I wrote it ALL down too, 'cuz you never know when you're writing about your future husband!! LOL


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