While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What did you do today?

Do you ever get that question asked of you when your husband comes home? Well my husband didn't ask this of me but if he had he would have had a mouthful coming right at him, I didn't even put everything on here.

Okay so today .....

1. Rotate the tires. check
2. Buy a tripod. check
3. Get the oil changed. check
4. Get all the kids hair cut, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK (And I might add that the haircuts all look WAY CUTE!!! )
5. Find the last bag to use for clothes on the trip. check
6. Wash more laundry ..... C......H.......E......
7. Make dinner --- Check
8. Get kids to bed ----- oh yeah, I should be doing that anytime now.
9. Pack First Aid Kit. Check
10. Make reservations for our stay in Indiana. CHECK (took a lot of calling and checking but found something where we can all stay in the same room -- who cares if the kids will have to sleep on the floor.)
11. Finish packing the clothes for Heidi, Thomas, & Ethan. And make sure Katherine and Kaylee have all their stuff packed.
12. Take a breather and eat some ice cream after the kids go to bed.... oh wait -- I finished that off the other night maybe I'll be running to get some more when Chris is home from his class. Hopefully the kids will be in bed by then.

So as you can see -- I've been really busy today and I managed to get all this done while tending to the cuts and scrapes, and the fighting, and phone calls, and trying to make food, and cleaning out the laundry room shelf. I just always seem bombarded with kids while I'm really trying to get projects done. Somedays it just doesn't seem very FAIR!!! Yes, I know, not many things are but hey --- once in a while is that really too much to ask for??

I really am ready to get out of Utah !! A nice change of scenery will do me GOOD!!! Make me come home all refreshed and feeling like I can tackle a birthday a week later (Heidi will be 6!) and then school will start on August 20th!!! Then I'll get crazy busy with the school happenings again. I need this break away from my everyday happenings, even though I'll still be the MOM and have to do my motherly duties. aagghhh!! Someday I can take a vacation and not have little ones to totally tote around and change diapers on. I mean come on... I need to be patient he's growing up so FAST!! He's already almost 16 months old!!!!


  1. I love how laundry only got a C..H..E. It's never done is it? I hope you guys have a great vacation. We'll hold the fort down for you. : )

  2. The week before a trip is always chaos, isn't it? Good luck and have fun on your vacation! I hope you have some good books on CD/tape to keep you entertained.


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