While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay so I decided to make mention of our trip schedule in case I ever want to remember what was planned for versus what really happens.

  1. Friday July 25th -- headed for Laramie, Wyoming.
  2. Saturday July 26th --- heading towards Omaha to see the Temple, then onto Boone, Iowa to stay with friends till Monday morning.
  3. Monday July 28th -- driving four hours towards Nauvoo, Illinois and seeing some of the historical sites around there. Then driving for an hour or so down the road and staying the night in Galesburg, Illinois
  4. We'll head towards Ohio on I-70 and stop in Enon, so Chris can show the kids his child hood home. and then swing by the Columbus Ohio Temple. Then onto West Virginia!! Not sure where exactly we are staying there yet. But we will visit with his Uncle who is sick, and spend some time visiting with other distant relatives in Steubenville, Ohio.
  5. On July 31st, We are headed to another place in West Virginia -- where some family reunions will take place on his mom's side of the family. We'll sleep at his Aunt's house for about 4 - 5 nights and then start heading back.
  6. August 6th we will head back west and end up in Indianapolis and stay there for the night
  7. August 7th drive back to Boone, Iowa and stay with our friends again.
  8. August 8th drive across Nebraska, and most of Wyoming, and then head to Denver, Colorado - to see the Denver Temple.
  9. August 9th -- ARRIVE BACK HOME!! (Hopefully - all in tact and in one piece and ready for my OWN BED AGAIN!)

My husband shocked me and came home from work on Friday the 18th of July and said he'd been pricing portable DVD players online and decided that we should invest in one for our trip. Something that I had mentioned to him weeks ago, but didn't listen right away. So after hearing it from numerous people, decided that maybe we should do it. So THANK YOU, to any who mentioned this to him, and helped persuade him to treat our family to this. So now we just need to figure out which of our DVD's we'll take with us, and gauge this trip on how many movies did you watch rather than how many hours did it take. We've tested it out driving to a family get together this weekend. And WOW!!! the kids were so quiet the entire time. So now if can really have something that keeps their attention we'll be doing GREAT!!! I'm slowly getting ready for this trip, all the kids need "hair cuts" so I have a friend coming by on Wednesday to take care of that -- and ETHAN will be getting his FIRST HAIRCUT!!! I'm kind of SAD!! Because he has these cute curls at the bottom that I don't really want to part with ---- but we also don't like how long his hair is getting. And yes, I know that minute that he gets the haircut -- he'll look more like a little boy than a baby!! So am I really ready for this??? OH HECK YES!!!! I want to be one more step further away from this darn baby phase!! I'll take pictures of his hair so I can always remember but hey, he'll still be the same obnoxious little boy while awake and the sweet peaceful one while he sleeps. But I'll still LOVE him.

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