While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As with Gas this too shall pass.

My kids have made a lot of MESSES : here I'll list a few of the messes they've decided to make:

One time in their room, they wanted to "Make" something so they brought in flour, sugar, garlic powder, some water, and onion powder and I think they may have brought in the cocoa as well. So they basically had made a paste and had flour all over the floor, it was sticking to the carpet, and their room smelled bad. That was Kaylee and Katherine.

Thomas was sitting on the kitchen floor when he wasn't quite one and managed to get a yogurt container and basically finger painted all over the floor with yogurt. Not too bad because it was on the kitchen floor. But the time it took to clean was long, because it was yogurt and it kept making things sticky all over.

One of the kids had gotten into the Desitin and spread all over my walls, not to mention the numbers of times they have scribbled on the walls with markers, crayons, and tried to hang pictures on their sliding glass door with chapstick thinking it was a glue stick. Either way that would have been BAD!!!

Kids do make messes, despite our best efforts of trying to make sure they don't. It can happen while we're in the bathroom, and when were busy switching that load of laundry, or changing the babies diaper. It just takes a few seconds to Make the MESS but it can take "hours" to clean them up.

One time the kids poured some kind of liquid soap on the floor in our bathroom hall, which is carpeted, so imagine trying to clean that with water, and it just keeps making bubbles and spreading and just a job that seems to be never-ending.

I've also had them pouring their own glass of milk, or juice and the whole container ends up all over the place, (table, floor, chairs, themselves) -- So now I can only hope that when they are mom's that they can have the chance to experience this kind of "pleasure". Because really, I can see myself laughing about this hysterically when they are A LOT older.

So now as I've discovered them making messes, as they get older -- I have them help clean it up, so that hopefully they begin to1 realize that making messes cause MORE WORK!! Of which they aren't too fond of doing more than their supposed to.

It seems to that a lot of the times, they'll get into my makeup!! At least Kaylee and Katherine did when they were younger.

Any tube of frosting they seem to get into and it gets all over the place.

I just have to remember: As does GAS, This too shall PASS!!


  1. oh my gosh! Wendy, that is a ridiculous mess!!!! :o) The kids sure look like they are enjoying themselves.... and I'm sure the clean up was equally enjoyable. Your a good sport.

    Happy Anniversary too!!

  2. Oh, Wendy, I feel ya. I actually just posted about this same thing. Two messes, same kid, same day. A bit ridiculous!


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