While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, May 26, 2008

Two Wonderful People that I know!!

I sit here and try and remember some of the things that I did with my grandfather, and a grandmother who have both passed on. My grandmother was Neva Amoi Sinclair -- born Dec 5, 1933 in Nampa Canyon, Idaho. She married my grandfather (who is still alive) on 10 Feb 1952 in Payette, Idaho. They eventually had 7 children, one of which was born prematurely due to an automobile accident and died a few hours later. My grandma and grandpa were sealed together in the Salt Lake Temple on the 8th of July 1965. My own dad was just a child at that time. The remaining 6 children were all married as early adults and had their own children. Here is the breakdown for the number of grandchildren that they have, 4, 8 (the family from which I come), 4, 3 plus a step grandson, 4, and 3 so that equals 27!! Now that all the grandchildren have been married for some years we too, have begun to have our own children. I don't have all the numbers in my family history file yet, but I'm sure it is somewhere around 20 - 26 great grandchildren that they have. My grandmother was killed in a work related accident and has been gone since July of 1988. So this July it will have been 20 years!! So I'm glad I asked my grandpa for a copy of a good picture of her and this is all I have left, besides the few faded memories of her!! I love and miss you grandma!!

Now my grandpa is from my Mom's side and he is my mom's stepdad, but he's the only grandpa I ever knew. So I did a lot of things with this man. Gerald Lee Gardiner was born 5 Nov 1932 in Vernal Utah. He came from a long line of early church pioneers ( at least that's what I can gather from records I'm finding) -- He served in the Navy and was in the Korean War and various others wars, if I remember right. He did manage to start the unhealthy habit of smoking and caused him to have lung cancer, emphyzma and most other lung related health issues. When I was in high school my grandpa supported me in all my games and he was always there. Most of the time he was video taping the games. He was always the game watcher that would pipe in with "come on REF!!" and he wasn't nice about it either. Everyone knew who he was!! So later when the team would watch the game tapes you could always hear my grandpa when he didn't think something was fair. The whole team would laugh. My two other favorite memories about him : he never liked his toes being pulled, but he would always pull our toes. So occasionally when we went over to their house, me siblings and I would gather around and "wrestle" him and start pulling the toes, and he had some LONG TOES!!, he would start saying, " NOT THE TOES!!" and as kids we all started to laugh!! We also could never remember how old he was and he would never tell us, but I was smart enough to know that he had a drivers license and that would give the info that we wanted, so then every year around his birthday we would try to get his wallet away from him, and one year we finally succeeded!!! But I don't know if that's because we were the strongest ones or because he let us. At any rate it was fun and a great victory for us!! He has now been gone for 3 1/2 years, so it's still fresh for me and I get teary eyed sometime when I think about him. Grandpa I love you and MISS YOU!!

I know that I have a lot more memories of them, but for now on Memorial Day I wanted to take the time to make mention of these two wonderful people that I happened to know in my lifetime. I'm glad that we have holidays to help us take time out to remember those that have gone on. May God Bless them all and us as well, while we still tarry in this mortal state.

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