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Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thomas and his male anatomy

The following is more for my documentation, feel free to ignore if you wish.

My son Thomas has been quite a huge blessing to me in my life and ever since he's been a tiny newborn baby we've had some issues with his anatomy. Well, the most recent discovery started about 6 months ago. I noticed when I would change his diaper ( Because he was still wearing them back then), that he looked a little bigger on the left side of his scrotum and that it seem to get bigger doing some activities and sometimes disappear. I was concerned and mentioned it to the doctor some time ago, and was told that I should get an ultrasound done to know why it's like that. I hesitated back then, because I didn't want to deal with my insurance with anymore possible "problems" -- so a few more months passed and over the course, I had a few other doctors give me their opinion on what they thought that it was -- the first doctor (who recommended the ultrasound) thought it could be a "veracocele"--- another doctor told me she thought it was more like a "hernia" -- ( which can be fatal) and another doctor that thought it might also be a hernia. Well, nobody was right!! I'm glad that it wasn't a hernia, and I don't know a lot about a veracocele so I wasn't that concerned. But it turns out that the reason he is "lopsided" -- he has a hydrocele ( a fluid filled sac in his scrotum area) they aren't that harmless by themselves but the opening into the body cavity is not sealed from having the testes drop through, and that means this hydrocele could lead to a hernia. That freaked me out again. So now we are going to head to Primary Children's yet again, for another visit to the urologist. One that we have a history with -- in regards to Kaylee. So he'll have a look, and discuss with us what our options are and what he suggest that we do. Whether we just watch and wait -- and then do a surgery later if needed. Or if he thinks we should do a surgery right away to reduce the chances of a hernia developing. Poor little guy, he's had so many male anatomy problems so far in his life and he's only 3!! So I won't know anything new until May 21st, when I head to Primary's for his appointment.


  1. Awww poor little guy!! I hope everything gets figured out soon! My little nephew had the same thing and he had to have surgery. I think he was like 6 years old when he had it done and the surgery was easy and went well. Good luck!!

  2. Oh. I'm sorry to hear about that. I'll remember to pray for cute little Thomas. I trust that he'll do well.


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