While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ladies Basketball

So this last Thursday night I went to play a REAL BASKETBALL Game. Something I haven't done since college - -when I played intramurals. At any rate these ladies were way FUN, and even though we lost by two points in the last few seconds of the game, it was quite a WORKOUT!! Good thing we had enough players to have practically two teams ! ! !

I have to admit and apologize that I was a bit on the "Upset" side, but I had to remember that I wasn't in High School, and playing in the same role I did back then. I made sure to say a little prayer to myself, and once I did that I had a way better time. So since we've been playing most Saturday mornings since January -- it was a fun way to make those Saturdays worth waking up versus sleeping in (if one can do that when one has five kids!) --- Here are the ladies and we've all become good friends and I'm sure will continue to play as "pregnancies" warrant and NO that doesn't mean that I am --- but someone was and we all found out about it. So congrats to YOU!! ( She reads my blog so she'll no who she is!!)

The ladies in the photo are from Left to Right: Back Row - Jennifer King (Provo 1st), Kate Mortenson ( Bonneville 3rd), ME ( Provo 1st), Kim Yates ( Bonneville 6th) ---- Front Row : Liz Kemp ( Provo 1st), Trista Harrison ( Provo 1st), Rachel Atkin ( Provo 1st), Kanani Horito (Provo 1st), Jamie Lesko ( Bonneville 3rd), and Melissa Baxter (Can't remember what ward she's in --sorry!)

It was so much fun and I just wished there wasn't all the confusion on what quarter we were really in. Oh well -- I guess there is always next year!!

Here's our more silly and crazy picture -- since we're such a bunch of goofs!! I love you ladies. Thanks for playing.

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