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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rexburg Temple Open House

So on New Year's Eve we made a trip up to Rexburg, Idaho so that we could go see the new Rexburg Temple. The Open House is going on from Dec. 29, 2007 - January 26th, 2008!!
As many of you may not know -- Chris and I met up in Rexburg while we were going to school at Ricks College ( 1996 - 1999). We loved it up there an lived our first year there. Our first child Kaylee was born in Rexburg and we have a definate connection to that beautiful place. So when we hear the annoucement of a Temple to be built in Rexburg back in 2004 ( give or take a few months) we planned then that we would take our family up there for the open house. Since we heard the announcement for the temple we've added our two sons to our family. So we went up to see the Temple this last Monday. What a great way to end the year!!! The kids were all excited for it and to tell you the truth so was I -- and Chris too!!!

They started everyone at a stake center just west of the Temple and watched a 10 minute video of why temples are important and what goes on there. After which we were guided through the building to a tented walkway that led up to the temple. Just before we entered the temple we had to have the little booties put on that cover the shoes so that the carpet isn't ruined by all these people that would be coming through in the next 4 weeks. Thomas freaked out and didn't want to wear them but he finally gave in. We walked in on the west side of the temple and right into the baptistry -- the kids thought it was amazing. They could actually see one up close and now when Mommy and Daddy are going to do baptisms they know what we're doing them in. The font was atually filled with water as well. After that we were directed up stairs to the main level of the temple. Where you would walk in to show your Temple reccomend. They walked us through the womens locker room and then we headed back to the stairs again and walked upstairs. We then were in the 1st ordinance room where there were beautifully painted murals on the wall to represent the world in which we now live. AMAZING!!! We then went by the second ordinance room and onto the celestial room!! The chandeliers were so BEAUTIFUL and SPARKLING -- the girls loved it. I was surprised at how quiet the kids really were. Ethan made some noise but not very loud. I just loved the feeling of being in the Temple with my kids and felt so extremely blessed. After the Celestial room we went upstairs yet again and saw the sealing rooms. We were seated in a room and at the end our family stood by the mirrors and WOW!!! Our family is a family for eternity. We let the kids know that Mommy and Daddy were married in a room just like this, and asked if they wanted to get married in a room like that too. Kaylee said, " What if I want to get married here?" GREAT I SAID!!

After the tour we concluded back at the stake center and they had refreshments and some missionaries on hand to have any questions answered. We of course, didn't have any questions but did have some refreshments. My arm was killing me by this time because I was holding Ethan in my arms the whole time. I was so glad that we could take our kids there and show them how beautiful and important they are. I know the building isn't dedicated yet, but I could really tell that it is the House of the Lord.

So here we have pictures of each of us after we were all in the temple.

Katherine being all content.

Heidi -- almost being kind of shy.

Chris -- looking happy after going through the temple.

Kaylee smiling pretty for the camera.

One of my girls took this picture of Ethan and Me.

Here is THOMAS enjoying some of his cookie afterwards.

After the tour we left the temple and these were some pictures I took through the car windows as we drove by. This is the East side of the temple.

We want to go here for our Anniversary in June of this year. It will be our 10th and we want to do an overnighter. Grandpa and Grandma will probably be the kid watchers for us.

This was taken as you drive south of the temple which goes further up the hill close to the water tower that says REXBURG on it. It just looks so pretty so see everything covered in a blanket of white.

Here is another picture taken on New Years Day -- right after we went up the hill a little ways. I think it's awesome how you can see the contrails in the air as well.

For anyone who has ever gone up to Rexburg knows that the first exit you can take to get to the college, there is an intersection where you can turn left to go up to the main part of town. Well this was when we were leaving and stopped at the light and I looked back out the window and zoomed in a bunch and took this picture. You can see this temple so easily from anywhere in Rexburg just about. It's on the highest spot in town.


  1. holy cow Wendy... 10 years?! that's awesome. I can hardly believe that that much time has gone by. thanks for the awesome pictures of the Rexburg temple. I really enjoyed them.


  2. I think your new year resolutions are very doable...I hope you accomplish them all.


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