While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ethan's First Christmas !!!

Chris and I with our two boys on Christmas Day. Poor Thomas and Mommy were both sick and didn't feel well. Hopefully next year will be a lot better -- as far as anyone being sick goes.

Four of my five kids sitting in front of the Christmas tree holding their Santa presents!!! Thomas was sick and didn't want anything to do with his presents.

So I took a second picture of Thomas who happened to be sitting on Daddy's lap. You can tell he looks unhappy and not well.

MERRY CHRISTMAS ETHAN!!! He had fun, with all the bright colors and fun toys that he got. Here he is trying to get stuff out of his stocking.

Ethan playing with the contents of his stocking. He kept picking up the orange with both hands and tried to put it into his mouth. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Here's Heidi opening up her stocking.

Thomas liked the new car he got in his Stocking.

Katherine was so happy to have some arts and crafts stuff to occupy her time with.

My door with Christmas cards our family recieved and the stockings for the kids. I love to get Christmas cards -- I feel so loved and thought of.

My Christmas tree on Christmas Eve -- it was so getting thrashed by this time because of Ethan. He would go up and pull on the beads, pull on the tree branches and it just didn't look as good as I had hoped.

I finally got my WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! I think God knew that we weren't getting each other anything for Christmas and that I was feeling kind of sad about it, but he allowed this storm to come through and I woke up Christmas morning and saw a fresh layer of SNOW all over the ground!! This totally made my day --- of course, while we were opening presents our neighbor had come by and shoveled so Merry Christmas to Chris!! --- because he didn't have to go out and shovel the walks.

There were a lot of brown bags because the kids wanted to "make" gifts for each other, they had fun creating things. Most of which were just pictures but the thought put into it made the gifts special.

Chris came up with these ideas for presents for our kids, he bought each of them a binder, a zipper pouch for crayons, and let the kids each pick out their coloring book. Chris then drilled holes into each coloring book so that they could have a binder with a coloring book and crayons to take and color with in the car, at church, on trips or just going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids loved it!!! Plus Chris printed up a paper to slip in the front of each binder with their names on it.

Ethan playing with his new toy and thinking he can put it into his mouth -- the same place that everything he touches tries to be placed.

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  1. Wendy, your family is so cute!! They all have their own little personalities!!!


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