While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aww, they care about each other ....

I know I should have taken a picture of it, but I was more worried about getting the situation taken care of. What are you talking about? Is what your are probably thinking and well, as a parent you know that your children are bound to have injuries and "owies" and that you as a parent need to be able to keep your wits about and get these situations under control. Well, this evening one of those times happened. You know you hear parents constantly telling their children to not play with sharp things, not to play with knives, not to play with the stapler --- STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Yes, my oldest daughter was outside doing some "art and craft" time after church and well, we haven't quite figured out exactly how the staple got into her thumb, but sure enough my 5 year old came running in and said that Kaylee had a staple in her hand!! I was right in the middle of peeling eggs for our egg salad sandwiches that we were going to have for supper, so I threw down the one I was working on to run outside and Kaylee was across the yard by the neighbors hammock and was crying and holding her hand.

Oh boy !! Is what I said, I asked her to come around the hammock so I could see what was going on and she somehow managed to get a staple to go in here thumb and the only part you could see was the flat part of the staple. Her thumb wasn't bleeding at this point, but I knew that it needed to get out of her thumb. I came inside and felt bad that I had to cut Chris's phone conversation short so that he could help remove this item. He went and grabbed the needle nose pliers and we had to hold her down, sort of. I had her right arm and head while he wrapped his right arm between her body and her left arm and held her hand with his other arm while he pulled out the staple. She screamed while this happened and it immediately started to bleed. We cleaned the site and bandaged it, put on the antibiotic ointment and I'll call tomorrow to see if she needs to get a tetnus shot.

Talk about your downs of being a parent. But at least I can be grateful that it was only in her thumb and not on her face or something like that. Chris and I think that she didn't realize what was happening until she saw that a staple went into her hand. She might have been in shock or somthing. I gave her some Tylenol (generic brand) and then an ice pack for the thumb and she is asleep now. I am so glad that my husband was home to help in this situation because I think I wouldn't have quite known what to do, without first freaking out about it. She was playing with a little stapler that was part of an art kit that my neighbor had bought and I don't think that Kaylee realized that it was a stapler until this happened. So it isn't like she meant to do this, and even asking her afterwards, she doesn't remember how it happened. Poor Girl!!!

But the best thing that made me feel like I was doing good at being a parent was when my other two daughters came up and asked what they could do for Kaylee? I told them that they should do nice things for her and help her out. So they both made her a card and then Heidi my five year old came up and said "Look Mommy, I made this card for Kaylee!" She opened it up and said "she's a queen in it!" I could tell right then that she really loved her sister no matter how many times they fight and argue over stupid stuff!! Heidi went in to where Kaylee was and gave her the card and I watched from the background and just started to cry!! I couldn't help myself --- it was one of those moments that as a parent really brings you joy and love for your children to know that they care about their siblings.

And on a more funnier note, Thomas my nearly 3 year old asked if Kaylee still had a thumb. I couldn't help but to laugh because he was concerned too!! He asked it in such a caring manner and with such worry. Even a 2 1/2 year old is capable of loving his siblings.

So I feel extremely blessed that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with such great kids.

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  1. I love your stories!! You are a great story-teller! Poor Kaylee. I hope that her thumb feels better too. What great kids you have!!


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