While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, January 1, 2011

April - June 2010 RECAP

 Well here's a quick recap for what happened April -June. Mind you not everything is in chronological order.
I was too lazy to get it all straightened out.  I was more concerned with actually getting this down on "paper". 

Boys being boys or is it bunnies??

April 10, we celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday.
                                    And we decided to take the kids swimming at the REC center.

Ethan's 3rd Birthday. With his Little Einstein's home made birthday cake.

This summer right after school was out we headed to California for a week to visit with family. In that time 
we made a day trip to see the ocean and let the kids play on the beach.  It was a really fun time.
On the way home to Utah we stopped in Mesquite Nevada to visit with some friends.

Ethan learning how to put on his jacket.  Well, almost.
Egg dying fun around our kitchen table.

Kids continuing to learn to work together
This was EASTER SUNDAY where we lived. Luckily the Easter Bunny 
was smart enough to hide the eggs in the livingroom.


Got in on some way awesome deals !! 

BEFORE my haircut that my awesome friend Brenda gave to me. 
And here I am AFTER ....
The day that will forever change my life... well in a different way than 
what getting married, or having children changed my life. This here is my 
new camera!!  (April 24th 2010)
We had a BBQ in our back yard to celebrate my birthday.
Kaylee waiting anxiously for her birthday celebration to take place.
Almost all the cousins on my husbands side of the family. 

Getting to meet my nephew Seph for the first time.  He was born Jan 2010 and they live in Arizona
so we had to wait a little while until we could meet him. This was for the baby blessing that they came up to do in Utah.  In March I do believe.

Spring time at "Grandma's" house, taking a photo of my cute, adorable niece.
A fun shot I took while attending the Hope Of America Program that 
our 5th grade daughter was a part of.  I was playing with my new camera!! This 
was one of my favorite shots.
My Mother's Day Pampering gift.  This was a service project put on 
by some of the young women in our ward to help raise money for 
girls camp to take place later that year. 
We had fun watching Thomas develop more as a baseball player. 
His skills are really improving.

Katherine's 10th Birthday party with her friends!! (May 2010)
Having family fun in our front yard with cousins!!  (May 2010)

Okay so this about sums up the months of April - June with  July - September coming up in a few days.


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