While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heidi's Baptism ...

This is what we started our weekend off with....
I asked Heidi just as soon as she came out of the baptismal font how she felt and she replied, "Good" with a cute little smile!!

We followed up with visiting family and friends, and a HUGE BBQ at our house later that day.  We had so many people over it was GREAT.   Let's see we had the following....
  • My childhood family (My Dad and Mom, My sister Nicole her husband Rob and their three kids, my niece Sierra) 
  • My Family  (All 7 of us) 
  • Amy and Richard and their family  (7 altogether here too) 
  • Mary and Scott and their 2 kids 
  • Ruth and Nick and their daughter
  • Jared and Becky and their 4 kids
  • Dan and Angela 
  • Chris's Mom and Dad 
  • Richard's Mom and Dad 
  • John and Luma and their 2 boys 
  • My neighbor Adam
Did you catch how many that was??? That's right.. .neither did I, but let me go back and add it all up...
8+7+7+4+3+6+2+2+2+4+1=    46 in my backyard or in my house watching the BYU football game that was on that night.  We had great food and good fun.  It went way too quick though.  Sometimes it almost seems like a dream, because my parents were only up for such a short time, and I really didn't get to see much of them at all. 

But we preceded this night with a trip to Seven Peaks and loved the time we got to spend there.  Great times all around. 


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