While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mission: T.U.R.K.E.Y D.A.Y

Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. We decided to have my husband's sister and her family over for Thanksgiving at the last minute, like the day before, but had such a fun time hanging out with them!! We had lots of food, followed by LOTS of pie!!!

My brother in law happens to own a bakery in Springville, near THE WALMART (said like Jeff Foxworthy). And so they brought over some pies that weren't picked up by someone that had ordered them, and hadn't paid either. So we had lots of PIE and TONS of rolls. Because not only did I make my own rolls they brought two dozen rolls from the bakery!!

They left all the pies with us, which are tasty and great to eat, and very unexpected. Thanks you two!!!

But I also had my children help with the meal this year, and really put a lot less stress on me, with my husband helping out too!! Yes, he's good in the kitchen. Especially chopping or cutting things.

Nice tasty Pig that some refer to as a HAM, and some type of bird that I'm told is a turkey. We had some pot's of the smashed kind with some liquidy mess to pour over the top. Add to that some parts from a chicken that have been deviled. Forgot to have any vegitables, but claim that our cooked on the stove goop used to stuff a bird, had celery and onions ... so we called it good. Although we don't stuff the bird, because he really can't eat cause he's already dead. So we thought we might like it more eating it ourselves. We also had some fizzy type of cold liquid colored with berries of the straw kind and chunks of ice plus the cream. The kids like that seeing how they gobbled it up with a few trips to the dipping pool. We followed the scrumptious meal that was fixed by some mouth watering (but not literally) PIE. Why on earth is it called pie though?? I'm not quite sure of that. But needless to say we had several cream varieties... banana, lemon, coconut, and triple berry (although my gang thinks that not very tasty), and Pumpkin, and Apple....served with some ice cold creamy concoction called Homemade Vanilla that isn't actually homemade. All in all we had a great time. The conversating was happening with ease, and seemed to meander through all subject matters. And the cleaning of the mess, well it didn't take long to clean her up.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving... and next time... I'll talk about my experiences with Black Friday this year... because I don't normally participate, but I did this year... and now to tell you what my regrets are, and if it was really worth it. (Well that may never be known, but the rest I can relay another time..)

This day was really low key only because my family isn't close by, and the few we invited couldn't afford the gas to drive down here, and we had a HUGE early Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's side a few weeks ago, and that side wasn't doing a huge get together on Thanksgiving day. But it's always nice to have someone over even if it is something thought of last minute.

PS... the HAM was a HIT!!! So now I think we'll do a Ham for Christmas too!!!

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