While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Stooges...

I was looking for a certain picture a few months back

and for some reason had misplaced where I thought

it was. But when a certain 4 year old boy named T-Man

intentionally "kicked" over my piano bench....



I thought it was in there, but every time I went to check

I just couldn't locate it.

Now why would I get so excited over a picture,

well it's priceless!!!

I'm sure we've all had those bouts of trying to

schedule a time that works for your family in between

church activities, school functions, illness, family gatherings


So you pick out the "PERFECT" outfit, trying to

coordinate everyone, so that nothing clashes when you

get the picture finally taken. You make sure

everyone has their hair cuts if they are needed,

and you are doing the last minute face inspections,

and clothes straightening.

Remember doing all of this, right?

Oh you don't!!! Oh, you probably have perfect children.

Mine aren't!! At least not when I really need them to be.

So a few years back say when my three girls were the only

children that existed .. I took them in to get a picture taken

only to find them doing their darnedest to be as uncooperative

as possible. It was insane!!!

Here I am the mother of three beautiful girls (none of which,

really ever let me doll them up) and they are acting like

hoodlums!! My goodness, what are their parents teaching them!??

Oh wait, that's me. I'll calm down a bit.

But the photo session may not have picked up the best

looks on their faces, but the photographer got the shot that

I loved the BEST!!!

And to this day.... I look at it and now I LAUGH!!!

So here is to a GOOD LAUGH!!!

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