While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not quite 100 questions that you probably didn't know about me...

1- What is your favorite 80's song and do you still listen to it?
My Favorite 80’s song would have to be….. Crush on You by the Jets… and yes I still listen to it… every now and then…

2 - If you could live anywhere in the world and money were NOT an object where would you want to live? I’d love to live in Eastern Idaho (call me a nerd, I know!!!) The reason we don’t is because of $$ -- maybe someday, though.

3- In your opinion what is the perfect design for a house? What works well for you. I’d like to have built in storage shelves, and book shelves, bedrooms for each of my kids, at least 1 more bathroom, and I’d love to have a family room and living room, a room for an office, and a place to do crafts, and sewing….. I could go on and on… but I’d also like to have a large laundry room with folding tables and cubbies and hooks for each of the kids and their stuff.

4- Did you participate in any choirs in high school? They didn’t have choir in high school, but they had a youth choir through church that I did participate in.

5- Tell me a little about the guy you dated before you started dating your husband? (Did you send the last guy you dated a wedding invite? Lets see… the guy I dated before I met my husband was a native of Idaho… and he liked being outdoors and was great with his family, and treated me well. He was a little shorter than I was, and that always kind of bothered me, but I did learn how to overlook that and I did think I started to fall for him, but alas…. We didn’t last. He was fun to be with, and funny, and was athletic… .football was often played with roomies and other guy friends, it was quite fun. And no I didn’t send him a wedding announcement, but I think I did send his mom one.

6- Would you ever consider raising chickens for eggs? I would like to raise chickens for eggs, but then my problem would be…. What to do when they stopped laying eggs??? I can’t stand to kill it….. I think we will check into that one maybe in a year or so.

7. Can you play any musical instrument? Well yes and no, you see I took piano lessons for about 1-2 years when I was little and then the teacher moved from the town. Then I wished when I was in high school that I was still taking lessons because my best friend at the time was SO GOOD -- I'm sure she still is. And I loved how she sounded and longed to be able to produce that same feeling while playing. So on Sundays while in between meetings and then after the meetings were all done I would "practice" somewhat on the piano in the cultural hall. I got so I could play the right hand on some songs okay. But that was only if there weren't any sharps or flats... So off to school I went and was called my second year to be the pianist even though I couldn't play worth a hill of beans. I often came home crying, because I messed up so many times, and didn't feel I was really that good at all, and WONDERED why I was called to such a posistion. And I must not have learned my lesson fully because then again when I moved to Provo with my husband I was called again to be a co-pianist. Meaning that I would switch every other week with another person. And she was A LOT better than I was !! She was grateful that she didn't have to play every week, as I was too!! And now that I've had a piano in my home for nearly a year, I am often playing the hymns, and learning all the time. I hope someday to be good when I grow up. I can mostly play church hymns and not much of anything else. But I do enjoy playing for fun, and trying to compose my own song....

8- What is your favorite food? My favorite food would probably be anything I can throw inside of a tortilla shell and have taste good. So the options are almost limitless. I tend to go for the burritos and tacos most of the time…. I love that stuff and think I could seriously live off from it. And there is even a Chocotaco that I haven’t had in a while but it’s Ice cream shaped like a taco --- it’s good stuff. Although I am a real big Lasagne fan too, but it has to taste good and not an overabundance of meat, otherwise I want to gag… And I’m a fan of Pizza too.

9- Do you like surprise birthday parties? I’ve never had one, but I’ve planned a few that I totally enjoyed. I wish my husband would do one for me sometime, or be in on one…. Hint hint,,,, but then again, I don’t know too many people that would actually come to one…

10- What about silly string? do you like it or not? Hate the stuff, it’s a pain to clean up.

11- How old are you? How old are you? How old are you Wendy, How old are you? Okay so you really want to know huh??? Well I'm celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Do the math.

12- How often do you check for comments on your blog? AND/OR updates on your friend's blogs??? I check usually once a day… sometimes twice, and occasionally three or more times… but then I’d be admitting that I don’t have a life and nothing that I’d rather be doing and that I’m a slacker of a housewife that doesn’t keep it spotless… so I’m not admitting that I check it more than twice a day. (If that..)

13 - How often do you check your email??
My email checking is slightly more often than checking the blog… but I have to stay on top of checking it or I get a ton of unwanted emails piling up and then I have to fish out the real emails and then it just becomes a big headache so I just check it 3-5 times a day. Which is probably a lot… but who cares…

14 - If you could travel to any place in the world for free where would you go and why?
I’d love to go to the European countries and see all the architecture going on there, and I have family roots that originated in those European countries and from England. But I’d also love to go to Hawaii at least once so I can see how pretty and beautiful that place is.

15 - What is your idea of the perfect sandwich? The perfect sandwich is Turkey with American cheese on Focacia Bread with Mayo, pickle, sprouts and tomato. Yummy!! But the focacia bread has to be from my brother in laws bakery. Because it’s GOOD!!

16 - One make up item you HAVE to use? Does chapstick count?? I don’t put makeup on everyday, but I always like to put on eyeliner. I think it helps my eyes look better. But most of the time, I just look blah… because I can and don’t feel bad about it. The sad thing is, my kids notice when I’m putting on the make up and ask where I’m going even if I’m not going anywhere.

17 - Pen or pencil? Pen all the way.

18 - What color do you paint on your toes? Whatever I have in the cupboard that isn’t already run dry, usually a dark pink.

19 - Would you rather talk on the phone or email? Email all the way. Because as the song goes, “I’m so much cooler online”. I seem to be able to get the point across better when I write then when I try to say it over the phone. Plus not being able to see the person while talking on the phone but being able to hear their voice usually gets me going crazy because I read way too much into what they aren’t saying. At least with Email, I can say it and not feel like a complete dork like I do on the phone.

20 - What do you look forward to most in the next 3 months? School getting out for the summer, and being able to play in water… pretty lame I know.. but we aren’t going anywhere far away we’ll just be close to home. But at least when school is out I might get to sleep in…

21 - Do you have any pets? We have one dog named Amber who’s a German shepherd mix who we’ve had for almost 7 years now, and we have 1 cat named Phoebe (because of FRIENDS) that we’ve had for about 4-5 years.

22 - How many houses have you lived in? Lets see as a child living with my parents I think we lived in 7 different places (Some were short term) but then I had a summer job after high school and lived in a little cabin by a lake for a few months then I left for college and lived in the dorms my first year (Awesome roomies by the way) and a house the second. I then got married to my husband and together we’ve lived in four different apartments/houses. (Three apartments and in our house.) We’ve now lived in the house for a little over 8 years.

23 - Do you prefer shoes, socks, barefeet or sandals? BAREFOOT and hopefully not PREGO. *No offense to any who are Barefoot and Pregnant and possibly in the kitchen -- I often found myself there while I was pregnant over the years.

24 - What is your favorite color? B-L-U-E but I also like shades of red and purple and I love dark pinks.

25- What is your favorite TV show? My favorite would be Heroes and Law and Order SVU at the moment. But I really enjoyed ER but it just signed off, so I’m resorted to watching reruns now…. But they are still good…

26 - Do you shut off the water while you brush your teeth? I usually turn off the water.

27 - Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed? I sleep on the “FAR SIDE” meaning the farthest from the door. Which would be on Chris’s right.

28 - Do you know how to play poker? Heck no, don’t think I’ll ever want to learn either.

29 - Last picture you took?
Meaning last picture on my camera or the last one I was in? Well the last one I took was of my new kitchen faucet, but the last one I was in … In front of the St. George Temple.

My Faucet BEFORE:

My Faucet After :

30 - Have you ever been in an ambulance? No, and I hope that I’ll never have to be either.

31 - Do you prefer the ocean or pool? I like to swim in a pool, but getting in the ocean is always a great experience. But of course, I don’t live close to any ocean so it would have to be way planned.

32 - What is your favorite thing to spend money on? I love to spend money on my hobbies, or clothes for myself. But I also like to spend money on good food.

33 - Do you wear jewelry 24/7? Yes and no. I usually will wear my ring until I have to make bread or anything getting the rings dirty, but as soon as I’m done I try and put the rings right back on.

34 - What makes you the happiest? Seeing my family happy, and knowing that what I’m doing for them makes a difference. And I also am really happy when I can spend time with my friends… because they are such great and amazing people.

35 - Do you have any tattoos? if so, can we see pictures??? if not, what WOULD you get & where would you get it-- ya know.. if you were like that :P
Well no I don’t have any tattoos and if I were that kind of person, which I’m not I’d like to get something that says, I am a child of God, and I’d like to put it on my forehead in mirror writing so that every time I look at the mirror I wouldn’t be able to forget. Who cares if anyone else can read it. But I'd also put "AND SO ARE YOU" -- So that everyone could read it.

36 -. Have you ever been skinny-dippin? No -- -I’m not that WILD, or CAREFREE.

37 - What is your Favorite Kind of Candy? My favorite kind of candy that is store bought would be TWIX or ALMOND JOY’s, I also love Butterfingers. But if it’s a homemade kind that I can make, I’d go for the Haystacks. (Toasted coconut, with chocolote smothering it,) and Peanut Clusters YUMMM

That was all the questions that I was asked to answer.... so if anyone else has more I'll add to this till I get up to 100!! Thanks to those who submitted questions.

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