While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mommy moments --

A few of my "MOMMY" moments that have recently happened.

February 4, 2009
The other night I was making dinner, and for dinner we were having "burritos". I was busy in the kitchen, and had just come home from the dentist with no feeling in the front part of my face. (Yes, I had a filling or two taken care of -- itty bitty ones) At any rate I opened up the can of olives and proceeded to "drain" the cans. Well, most humans probably drain the liquid into the receptacle called the kitchen sink, uh huh. NOT ME!! I had the whole can completely drained into the "TRASH CAN" before I realized what I was doing. I'm such a RETARD.

The very next afternoon (February 5th, 2009) I was getting ready to leave somewhere. My husband was out in the van with the kids and I was doing the "sweep" through the house making sure lights were off, and doors were locked. I noticed as I was headed for the front door that it was unlocked. So not thinking twice about it, I flip the knob so the door would be locked. No problem, right?? WRONG. I twisted the doorknob a few times and tried to pull open the door, only I couldn't GET why it wasn't working. DUH!!! I locked the door before I opened it, and now I had to undo everything I had already done. Well at least it wasn't to strenuous, but still, these are just a few of the crazy things that take place on any given day in my house.

And since, my kids keep reminding me how funny this one was I'll put it down here too.

A few months back, maybe even a year or so, we were having breakfast for dinner. I had gone through all the effort to make pancakes or french toast -- can't quite remember exactly what -- evidence that my brain is not functioning properly --- but I had shredded potatoes for hash browns and cooked them all up. I had also made some scrambled eggs, which happen to be my favorite. I had even made up some orange juice -- (this is making me salivate just retelling this). We sat at the table had our blessing over the food and began to attack the food. I live with a bunch of WILD BEASTS and they ravenously went for the food. We had potatoes flying through the air to one end of the table, french toast (or maybe it was pancakes) were being thrown like Frisbees to land on every one's plates, the juice was sloshing around in the pitcher after being slammed onto the table after filling up every ones mugs to the rims. And then I so calmly asked for the salt and pepper. So I pick up the pepper and sprinkle it onto my eggs, I proceed to use the "salt" only it didn't go so well. You see we have these lids that twist on to the holding cell and when you have to refill the holding cell, you have to take the lid off and are to screw the lid back on, only SOMEONE failed to do so and when I was holding the salt shaker in my hands about to sprinkle some on my eggs, it suddenly became a downpour!! I'm not kidding. But did I have quick reaction time, NO !! What actually took only 3-5 seconds seemed like 3 - 5 minutes maybe even hours. I think the relay time from eyes to brain and the brain to hands is off a tad bit. So the contents of that shaker were nearly all on my eggs now. Can I say GROSS, yet? So to try and not "waste" these good eggs, I tried to scrape off most of the excess salt. Guess what?? Didn't work so well, the damage was already done. Might have just given me a salt lick it was so NASTY!! My kids just watched on in amazed SILENCE followed by a huge round of LAUGHTER. Because MOM, made a mess.

Well, not everything in that last story actually happened, but something did happen, what was it?? And bonus points if you can tell me who actually messed with the shaker last.


  1. LOL -- I thought I was the only one who did silly things like that. I blame it on the fact that it's been over six months since I slept through the night -- what's YOUR excuse? =P

  2. You actually tasted the eggs and hey it wasnt that BAD.
    Katherine was the last to mess with the salt shaker. Or to fit in with the rest of the story you messed with it and forgot to screw it back on all the way. Either way LOL!!! Thanks for sharing some of your mommy moments. I have some of teh same moments, Your not alone!

  3. My Excuse?? I don't get good sleep at night either. One of the five kids, or my husband keeps me awake, and then I can't fall back to sleep very easily. ALthough I am way EXHAUSTED.

    Alexes --- you are on the right track with the part about going with the story.... yes it was me, and I thought I had screwed it on, although I realized later that I set the lid on, and had a moment filled with ADD. But you are right too, about Katherine -- she does like to pull pranks like that.

  4. How sad about the olive juice. I am always doing dumb things.
    Um, which part didn't happen? maybe the part about the kids being silent. My kids never do that unless they are asleep. I'm guessing the last one to mess with the salt shaker was your husband.

  5. Hey Wendy, I tagged you on my blog.


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