While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Ramblings.....

Time for a Friday Ramblings post again,

Facebook -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! I'm able to be in touch with so many "past" friends that it's just amazing. And I'm really quite shocked when I find that so and so here knows this other so and so -- that I thought didn't know each other at all. Really it is a SMALL, SMALL World. If you don't do facebook, you SHOULD!!!

Meal Planning --- It has made this last weeks worth of eating food, go so much better. I haven't at all stood around wondering what I was going to whip up for dinner at the last minute. This plan is working quite well, some days I make changes but that's what we need to remember. Be flexible. And now that I have the plan set out for the next few weeks, and then it'll just rotate for the rest of the year (until it's summer, and I start doing more "summertime" salads in the mix) it'll be easy to make the shopping list and have it ready almost instantly. Theoretically. At least.

Bedtime --- I've been instigating a ritual lately that focuses around the time the clock says. It all begins in the afternoon when it's time to make dinner. If I get behind on getting dinner on the table the whole rest of the night is a disaster. But on the other hand, if I get dinner on the table at the right time, then the evening goes smoothly. At 7pm I tell the kids to start cleaning up and to get teeth brushed and pj's on. Then at 7:30 they are to go to their rooms, and they can have reading time until 8pm when the lights go off. But they don't go to sleep right away they go to sleep a few hours later. But at least they stay in their rooms, and are mostly quiet. So I can have some ME time once again. (It's been a few months since I've been able to have some "me" time)

FRIENDS --- Can't ever have too many !!! But it is nice to have a handful or two that you can really "CONFIDE" in and do things with. They seem to understand me, and are there to support me. So a BIG THANKS to those who play that role for me. *** You know who you are ****

Music --- CAN'T Live WITHOUT IT!!!

HOLY COW!!! January is already over. (Okay so one more day ... but it's already gone) Is it just me or does the time just FLY by anymore. I never seem to have enough time in any given day to accomplish all my tasks. SAD!!! Something needs to change. Less sleep maybe?? NOT --- Maybe reducing the task list. Maybe.


  1. I am so glad that January is done. Blech.

  2. Me! I'm lucky #13 :-) Looks like a fun blog. Glad I dropped in.

    Not Entirely British

  3. I must agress with you on Facebook. So many people are on there. Old friends from old wards,current wards, high school people, old seminary teachers, everybody is on here. It is alot of fun to reconnect with people where you use to live! So what are you waiting for?? Sign up today..IT's free. (Just another advertisement for Facebook)

  4. Way to go on the routines!! Funny how much easier life is when you put a little thought into it. =D

  5. you are so organized, and with it! I need to take some tips!


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