While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference - Sunday Sessions

I have to confess that I slacked on documenting my notes immediately after the sessions on Sunday -- Why?? Well, I was busy canning peaches that had been picked, and my DH was sweet enough to offer to help this weekend while he was home from work. So we washed, cut off the bad spots, steamed them for a few minutes per batch, and then peeled the skins, and removed the pit, and then sliced the peaches. I went through all the work of sterilizing the jars, and lids etc... and then filling the canner with water, and filling the jars with peaches followed by the syrup and then processed them. We managed to do two batches of peaches, 9 quart jars the first go around and then 10 the second go around, followed by 5 pints of Peach Jam.

And the story doesn't end there, we still have MORE peaches in the garage that we're going to bottle as well. And if you're wondering where I get my peaches from, I get them for FREE!! From my In laws peach orchard they have. It's been really nice the last three summers, since they moved to Utah.

But I did grasp a few thoughts from conference that I wanted to write down now. The first one being that I need to strive for Unity in my relationships with others especially those in my family and more importantly my spouse. Secondly that I need to make sure that I remain a virtous woman, that the things which are sacred to me, need to remain sacred and not misused or spoken lightly of. I also LOVED President Monson's talk on Change. That life changes and we need to live in the moment now, and not wish it away. Something I have been known to be GUILTY off. But hopefully from now on, will be better about living in the NOW!! He said that all too soon that as parents we'll miss the piles of laundry, and the noise from the children and long for those days to be back. So I've vowed to enjoy every moment and focus on creating memories with and for my children.

And of course, lots of talks on missionary work, and keeping our faith during our struggles. There is definately a lot of wisdom and reminders that were given that I never want to forget. I can hardly wait to be able to digest these talks more in depth when they are in the Ensign.

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