While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Some Random Thoughts, that had me thinking this week.


Why can I not find one that really works good. Everything I try either leaves those icky, nasty, yellow stains on my underclothing, and eventually my shirts too. Or even though I wear the "deodorant" -- I am still perspiring, and SWEATING, and then I never smell good. I hate it. I seriously need to just live in the shower so I can just have that "fresh out of the shower" smell with me all day. So basically I feel like deodorant never does the job it's supposed to, (maybe an issue I should discuss with the doctor) - maybe next time.

Socks :

Need I say more?? I can't believe how I can never find my kids ANY SOCKS!! I don't know where they hide them, of course, I do but are SERIOUS -- do I have to go in there and fetch them from under the beds??? YUCK!!! And I always come up short on socks when doing the laundry -- I should just magnetize all the socks so that they stick to the drum in the washing machine and then do the same thing in the dryer too.


Not the card making kind, but the "SNAIL" mail kind. I hardly ever use them anymore!! I used to go through a book of stamps in about 3 weeks and now I'm lucky if I can use one stamp period in three months. I think life is now way too convenient and everyone has gone to the Internet to do business, and send "notes, and letters" to everyone. EXCEPT when it comes to right around THANKSGIVING and then I get a surplus of FUN mail and not just the Bills that have to be paid despite my refusal to want to do so. Christmastime seems to be the only time that I ever use stamps. LIKE SERIOUSLY I use more stamps at that time of the year than I use throughout the previous year all together. Kind of SAD!! But oh well, I love my INTERNET and won't really change it, unless something happens that necessitates it.



  1. i sweat a lot too- i like lady mitchum- and i'm with you on the socks and stamps!

  2. According to my husband (I have no scientific proof) but he says that the yellow stains are caused by antipersperant. So if you can find a deodorant that is just that and doesn't have an antipersperant with it, that might help. He uses deodorant and come to think of it, he doesnt' have yellow stains, so who knows, maybe he's right?

  3. Rachel -- Yes, I know about the whole antiperspirant thing -- the problem still is that in looking at all the "deodorants" for women most of them only say Anti-perspirant on them, and hardly do they say Deodorant. And if I'm fortunate enough to find one that doesn't have it -- well, lets just hope you aren't seeing me that day.


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