While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 31st 2008

What a weekend!! It's been great and busy, filled with lots of family and friends!! And food too!! This weekend Katherine was baptized!! What a great day!! We enjoyed the baptismal service at the church and invited the guests over for a BBQ afterwards. What fun!!! I think we'll have to do more of those in the future. It is so great to be able to live so close to family or have the distant family travel for these occasions. We had family from both sides of our family there both sets of Grandparents were there, as they were with Kaylee too!!

Here Katherine is with her Dad right before she was to be baptized.

And I remembered to be in one of the pictures before hand!! I totally forgot with Kaylee -- I mean what more could I have done, I was only about 4 weeks post partum and healing from a c-section. So actually remembering this time was a blessing!!

Katherine got there and was surprised to see one of her best friends getting baptized the same day!! We happen to be members of the same stake so that was neat too!! Katherine also mentioned that two other kids from their second grade class were also getting baptized the 31st as well. So that was four kids in one class that we know of -- how great that is!!

Our family picture right after the service was over. Will these kids ever co-operate!! ?? Thomas was screaming and had actually lost his shoes to the floor because they slipped right off from his feet. But of course, Chris had to hold him, and so his shirt is totally being raised up. I'll look at these later in life and laugh for sure!!

Here Katherine is with her Grandparents (Chris's parents) and I totally forgot to get one with mine. Maybe next time!!

We also managed to get a picture of all of my parents' grandchildren. Seeing how I have five of them and my sister now has three, and we both live in Utah -- you would think that my parents would want to be closer but that isn't the case!! So we managed to get a good shot or two of all of the kids. They weren't very happy about it either!!


  1. Hey, I'm glad to hear that everything went well on Katherine's big baptism day. It would have been so fun to have been there. But hey, at least through our blogging, we can keep in touch.

  2. Congrats to katherine on her baptism! sounds like a perfect day! Sorry I couldnt make it!

  3. So sweet. Congrats Katherine!


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