While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay so I like lotions, and body sprays, and I like to get them CHEAP!!! So I was in the mall today in Provo (Town Centre) and while I was waiting for Ethan's pictures to be uploaded to the computer at JCPENNY we walked around and happened to walk into Bath & Body Works -- I started smelling some of the lotions and shower gels that they had, and then realized that most of the things were 75% off !! I'm not KIDDING !!! So these bottles of great smelling lotion are normally like $10 - $12 were like just under $3.00 a piece. (Price varies of course!!) So I found two lotions, and two body sprays that I liked and paid under $11.00 for four items!! WOOHOO!! So ladies right now is the time to buy this stuff !! I want to go back and buy some more but --- I don't know what to get. I'll have a good supply of lotion to last a few months -- because now my daughters are into using the good smelly stuff. Maybe I should buy them some now and save it for Christmas!! But I also had an interesting situation happen while I was there. I'm almost embarassed to mention it. But it's something that I want to remember so I'll go ahead and tell it. I went to pay for my purchase and the debit card I was taking out of my wallet slipped out of my hand landed on the display shelf below and then managed to get lined up right with the back of the "wall" that was there and slipped into a crack apparently just big enough for my debit card to fall through. With no easy way of getting it out.

I thought maybe the card fell to the floor but, after one of the employees started to be resourceful and looked up where it fell in at discovered that it never reached the floor. She used a piece of wire from the back and tape and managed to rescue my card!! Bless her heart!! I was stressing bad about what to do or how to get it back. So I had caused the scene this time and not my children although they were with me and they were behaving very well!! Things could have been a lot worse but as it is -- turned out really great!! I also got to go to a Pampered Chef Party at my friends house this evening and had a GREAT TIME!!! Now I think I can face the next few days until the weekend starts.

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