While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, February 15, 2008

Goal Updates ::

More for my personal tracking than for you:

Book of Mormon: Well I'm still only in First Nephi Chapter 12 --- I've been caught up in some other projects and need to get back on board if I'm to make my goal by April 24th -- at this rate I might have to adjust the target date to my Anniversary which is two months later.

Temple: Happy to say that I've made it to the temple every week since the beginning of the year. I even went last week but only to go and do 1 name for initiatory work - because it has to be done before the endowment can be done. My son was sick and it was a blessing that only this card didn't need the baptism (because Chris just generated a whole stack of more cards, which most need the baptisms) so I still was able to go. I'm going tonight after Chris is home from work.

Cleaning my house: Well, I'm trying to stay on top of laundry!! Sometimes I'm good, and other times I'm not so good!! But I think I'm starting to develop a system that will work for me. I just went through and cleaned out the boy's bedroom and found a way to organize some of the more used toys and it's easier to clean up everyday. Of course, the top bunk is loaded with bulky baby items, and boxes of clothes that I still need to go through, and down on the floor are some that were missed getting on the top bed.

As far as the rest of the house, well, as I like to say -- Its a work in progress.

Getting to bed : Well -- we'll work on that some more later as well.

Not raising my voice: Doing better, but not perfect yet -- it's like everyone in my family seems to know what I'm trying to work on and seem to push just the right buttons to make me lose control!!

NOt eating meat -- We won't talk about that right now either!!


  1. Good job WEedy!! You're doing so well!!

  2. You know, I'm only doing well on two of my New Year's goals. I have had no cheese this year, and also I have been doing really well at reading my scriptures every day. Now sugar--that's one I won't talk about! :)

  3. Sugar??? YES - especially with Ruth's wedding in two weeks!! Hmmm???
    Cheese -- that would be hard for me. I love it.


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