While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Okay crazy post title I know, but after today that's all I can think of! Pretty Lame ----

So my two year old started of with a few red spots near his belly button this morning and throughout the day a rash has taken over his nice white baby soft skin. I was not sure weather I should take him in today or not, so of course, not being I sure I hesitated all day. Finally when Chris came home I showed him what was going on and said that I should probably schedule and appointment for tomorrow. As if my day isn't already crazy!!! I'm supposed to take Ethan to get pictures done around 10 something ( go figure I can't even remember when the appointment time is). But when I scheduled that appointment didn't remember I had a WIC appointment set up for the same day, so that appointment is at 11:10am. Not to mention my kids have had early out days this entire week!! So they are getting out at 12:30pm. So the only time to go in for an appointment is going to be in the afternoon -- when I have all five kids!! Just my luck, so I better be prepared with a bag of snacks, coloring books and crayons, books to look at and maybe a few toys. Plus I still have a 6 month old who nurses, but Ill plan on giving him his bottle during that adventure if he needs a feeding. I'm tired already just thinking about how tired that is going to make me.

Yes, Yes, no worries I'll call the picture place in the morning and reschedule the appointment for Monday if possible and then go to the WIC appointment hopefully be done in time to drive towards my sister in laws house and wait for my girls to get out of school and then see where that gets us to.

This time of year I have bitter sweet feeling for. Bitter because my kids seem to catch every "bug" that goes around and then they can't kick it for the entire winter it seems. Kaylee often catches a cold as she has right now and a terrible cough and usually still has the cough come January and February. I like this time of year because I can wear sweatshirts and jeans and I feel comfortable in that. So if we could just pass on the getting sick business that would be great.

Tomorrow after I find out what it was I will update on the condition of the rash. I've never seen anything like it -- and he's been whiny and irritable all day!! I haven't exactly noticed a fever, but he very well could have one.

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