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Our children teach us what life is all about.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still Under Construction

Okay so here we have the site of where the new school is being built. I took these pictures Sept. 7, 2007 -- we thought this was a big improvement considering that just that two weeks ago there were big mounds of dirt all in front of the school. What you see below is the front of the school and where a parking lot will be poured. When I took these pictures last week, I thought for sure that we would still be going in the old building because the new one wouldn't be ready.
As a parent you almost have to wonder why we even have to go through things like this. Delays left and right of the new school being able to be occupied. I just recieved an email from the school saying that the "Big Move" will now take place on Sept. 22, 2007 instead of the foretold Sept. 15th, 2007. So for the last two weeks almost my girls have been going to school only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So by the time our school will end its third week of being in session our kids will only have 8 days of school in. So that puts them going to school a few more extra days into June at the end of the year.
We're excited for the opportunity to have a new building but I really wish that they would have planned for the best -- meaning the school will be 100% complete and finished by the first day of school Sept. 4th, and that all things will have been moved over, but prepared for the worst, meaning that we should just start school on Aug 20th and occupied the old location and then when the new site was ready for occupancy we could move over at that time. As it is nearly two weeks of school have been wasted where the students could have gone but were told to wait. If the decision to start on Aug 20th was made I think that the students wouldn't have to go to school into June, when they are used to getting out in May.

I'm not opposed to charter schools at all, in fact, we love the curriculum, the staff, and everything about the school. We just have the unfortunate experience of the "Big Move" and it seems to really be putting a damper on things. They say the construction crews have extra men and are working extra hours to get this project finished. I hope that we don't need to extend yet another week beyond the 22nd of September.

I think after seeing all of these delays and the decisions that have been made not benefiting the majority of the population, that I will start attending the "meetings" that discuss such issues. Before I started my kids in this charter school last school year, I was way involved in the previous school, but for some reason last year I didn't get involved really. Why? Oh yeah, I was pregnant at the begining of the school year and tend to get quite ill, plus I was babysitting to earn a little extra money. I didn't have the time available.

So this year as long as I note when the meetings are and go -- I'll be more involved and have a better idea of what's going on.

I'm just curious for those of you who have school aged children -- How involved in school are you? And what makes it so that you can't "help out and be involved" ?

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  1. y'know...our oldest is only in pre-school so we haven't had to deal with this yet. but I think that as a parent you have to be as involved in your child's school as you can be. it is your child that is being educated (hopefully) and you should complete and utter control in that. Charter schools are better (i at least think) than public school. I am NOT a big fan of public school for reasons that would take up WAY too much space. We're working on getting our boy into a Montessorui charter school in our county. I think that he will benifit a lot more. Get involved speak your mind....you have a right! (and sorry about the sick prego thing...i get that too and i count the days until the 1st tri-mester is over)


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