While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm A Breastfeeding Mom and Proud of It!!

As a child I never understood or really knew what "breastfeeding" meant or what it
was. Not until I had my first child did I even consider that I would breastfeed my children.
My husband was very supportive of breastfeeding and therefore he encouraged me to do so. So I attempted it.

With my first few kids I was always too nervous to feed my baby anywhere in public,
-- covered or not! But as the years have gone by and more kids have been added to my brood, I now feel comfortable breastfeeding in any situation. I always cover up and keep "modest" per se, but I can't help but wonder what others around me might be thinking.

Of course, keeping covered is ideal, but I know that sometimes you get stuck in public
without the "cover" and need to feed an ever demanding, screaming little child, what does a woman do? Yes I know some stores provide a few chairs in the "Bathroom" to nurse their babies, but come on and get real!! Who really wants to eat dinner in the bathroom?

I know with my own experience that nursing my son in public can be quite intimidating, because I try to make sure I stay covered but those little "guys and gals" get to the point of squirming right out of the cover and accidental exposure happens. I don't know if anyone actually sees, but boy if they did I would feel so embarassed. But only because of the ideal that breastfeeding in public is "GROSS" and shouldn't be done. I don't know why anyone would object to a mom feeding her child and a "boob" accidentally gets exposed, but they won't get upset about a half naked woman walking down the street or in the store and showing more of her bosoms, than a nursing mom who is actually providing nourishment for her child.

The half naked lady is trying to be "sexy" I guess, and seeing the "boobs" in that instance are perfectly fine. But somehow a warped opinion has been developed about a mom nursing in public. Besides if you were in a third world country somewhere, clothes aren't the norm. I support all nursing moms, and if a person wants to complain about a breastfeeding mom FEEDING in public than the same should be done with a mom who gives her baby a bottle in public and should cover up just to FEED her baby.

A little ridiculous I know!! So you wouldn't ask that mom who is feeding her baby with a bottle to cover up, so why should you tell a mother who is breastfeeding her baby, to do so, behind a closed door for simply feeding her baby as well.
Here's are a few links for those that want additional information :

Whether breastfeeding or bottlefeeding the mother should not be judged. Support her in whatever way she chooses to feed her baby. To all moms of "babies" YOU GO GIRL!!
Are you offended by moms, covered or not, that breastfeed their babies in public?

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